I was listening to the radio yesterday, when, on a travel program, the subject of ‘Dark Tourism’ came up. A man who was being interviewed was talking about his recent experiences in visiting Chernobyl. I had never heard this term before, so when I got home, I looked it up via ‘Tour Guide Google’ to […]

Barbara, one of the people who regularly follow my blog alerted me, yesterday, to a severe weather incident that has caused destruction and devastation in many areas of South Africa. We visited the same places just two weeks ago.  It’s so sad to see some of the areas that we most enjoyed visiting being devastated […]

We left Johannesburg on Saturday night but before  we departed in the evening, we had some time to do a morning tour of Soweto. Soweto (made up from the initials of the English name, South West Territories) is the black township established by the Apartheid regime in South Africa. In 1948, South Africa’s National Party […]

Before leaving Victoria Falls to return to Johannesburg, I had time for one more activity. We had a booking for the first helicopter flight of the day over the falls. We left the hotel at 7.30 am and by 8.30 am we were weighed and checked in for our ride. Our pilot was a spunky […]

On our final day at Victoria Falls, we had a compilation of activities before a grand dinner in the David Livingstone Room of the hotel. Our day began with a walk along the top of the gorge on the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls which were discovered by David Livingstone. A statue of him stands […]

On Wednesday, we went on a day trip from Victoria Falls to the Chobe National Park in Botswana. It was a long day and certainly one of the highlight days of our entire trip. Chobe National Park, in northern Botswana, has one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa and is the third largest park […]

We are getting to the end of our trip now, but we still have a few days in Victoria Falls to conclude our adventure. We flew to Victoria Falls  from Johannesburg on a South African Airlines Airbus A330, arriving just after lunch. It looked as if most people on the plane were also tourists as […]

On Monday, we had a long travel day from Kruger to Johannesburg. It was a long driving day, just to get positioned for our next major destination at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This is just a brief post as we were travelling for most of the day with just a few stops. We left Lion […]