With our Grandchildren in New Zealand

We’ve having a very good time in Wellington, New Zealand with Cathy and our two grandchildren We arrived here last Thursday and have had an active time with mild, but very windy weather. This city has really been living up to its name of being ‘Windy Wellington’. Yesterday we saw a woman literally holding on…


2014 – My Year in Numbers

It’s fun to look back at the end of the year and see just what you have accomplished. This year, I tries to quantify some of the things that have happened in my life. The attached infographic doesn’t include everything; just those things that are easy to measure. This was my year in 2014


Christmas is Over

This year is just about over and it’s almost the New Year. We have packed away our Christmas decorations and our house is back to normal again. This Christmas was a little different for us but very enjoyable. We began by attending the carols service at our church on Christmas  Eve. It was a speculator…


The End (of the year) is Nigh!

It’s obvious that the year is drawing to a close. We seem enmeshed in a series of frenetic ‘wind-up’ activities – each one is very pleasurable, but they just seem endless in their frequency. The school that our grand daughter, Audrey, attends has just had a very successful fair as an end of the year…


Visiting My Old Army Unit in Brisbane

I flew up to Brisbane yesterday afternoon to visit my old Army unit (85 Transport Troop) after an invitation from the Commander of 26 Transport Squadron to present a copy of my Vietnam diary to the unit. My flight up was non-eventful other than some dumb passenger had not boarded the plane and we were…


To Essex and The Tower

Saturday saw us travelling to Essex with Barbara and David. They organised the day for us in return for me showing them around Melbourne when they visited a year or so ago.  We caught the train from Liverpool Street Station to Chelmsford where they live and after meeting us at the station, we headed first…



The rain had cleared overnight so after breakfast yesterday we walked up to the shops in High Street, Kensington. They are much they same as I remember. We passed a construction site where a new block of luxury apartments has been under construction for a few years now. On our first visit to London, this…


London – Lunch with Peter & Julian

We have planned our next few days in London as time for catching up with friends and people we know. It was a cool day today and cloudy. It had rained overnight and by lunch time some drizzle had set in. It seemed to be a typical Autumn day with people wearing jackets and coats.…