Sydney and Seals

There’s no doubt that Sydney and its harbour is a very scenic place. The Opera House is one of the world’s iconic buildings and the Bridge is a significant feature of the city. The harbour is quite magnificent. I’ve just spent the last two days in Sydney, catching up with some wonderful friends that I…


Bushwalking in the Grampians

I’ve just spent a few days in The Grampian Ranges bushwalking with my friend Bob. These rugged mountains are located to the northwest of Melbourne and are about 49,000 square kilometres in size. The national park there is one of Victoria’s largest. It has over 600km of roads, 200km of walking trails, colourful displays of…


The World in Panorama

This week I was asked to make a slide show from my travel photos for showing to a group of people I know.  As a result, I’ve updated the gallery page on my website and loaded the slide show for a broader audience. I’m sure that you will recognise many of the places that…


Meet Orin Sugiura-Wilson

We spent last weekend being introduced to our newest grandchild and first grandson, Orin Sugiura-Wilson, in a visit to see David and Yuki in Perth, WA. We flew over from Melbourne but stayed in town as we didn’t want to be too much of an imposition on them as a new mum and dad who…


With our Grandchildren in New Zealand

We’ve having a very good time in Wellington, New Zealand with Cathy and our two grandchildren We arrived here last Thursday and have had an active time with mild, but very windy weather. This city has really been living up to its name of being ‘Windy Wellington’. Yesterday we saw a woman literally holding on…


2014 – My Year in Numbers

It’s fun to look back at the end of the year and see just what you have accomplished. This year, I tries to quantify some of the things that have happened in my life. The attached infographic doesn’t include everything; just those things that are easy to measure. This was my year in 2014


Christmas is Over

This year is just about over and it’s almost the New Year. We have packed away our Christmas decorations and our house is back to normal again. This Christmas was a little different for us but very enjoyable. We began by attending the carols service at our church on Christmas  Eve. It was a speculator…


The End (of the year) is Nigh!

It’s obvious that the year is drawing to a close. We seem enmeshed in a series of frenetic ‘wind-up’ activities – each one is very pleasurable, but they just seem endless in their frequency. The school that our grand daughter, Audrey, attends has just had a very successful fair as an end of the year…