Monthly Archives: May 2017

Lion Sands Safari Park

We have just spent some wonderful time at a very opulent and decadent safari lodge adjoining Kruger National Park. Two days ago, we left Swaziland, travelling through some hilly country that was forested with both pine and eucalyptus trees. We exited through a much more humble border post than before and  came back into South […]

On to Swaziland

By accident, we are clocking up another country in the count of countries that we have visited – Swaziland. Swaziland is an indépendant kingdom bordered by South Africa to the north, south and west and Mozambique to the east. It is no more than 200 kilometres from north to south and 130 kilometres east to […]

Activities at Ghost Mountain Lodge

Ghost Mountian is a rugged peak with many caves. Over the centuries, Zulus have buried their dead chiefs in the caves and the bright processions by torchlight on the mountain appeared to the people on the plains as if they were ghosts. Our hotel, the Ghost Mountain Lodge was a peaceful place set in beautiful […]

Durban to Ghost Mountain

Our overnight stop in Durban was nothing short of spectacular. We stayed at the Oyster Box Hotel which has recently been rated as the best hotel in South Africa and the second best in all of the continent of Africa. It is a grand colonial style hotel with staff dressed in elegant uniforms. The doorman […]

Travel Day to Durban

Yesterday was simply a travel day for us. We drove along the coast from Knysna to Port Elizabeth and then caught a flight to Durban. On leaving Knysna, we passed the sprawling township area that probably had the best view of all residential locations in Knysna. It is situated on the top of a hill […]

Driving South Africa’s Garden Route

We left Cape Town heading east on Saturday for the first of a few days  on which we would travel along the Garden Route. On our first day, we travelled to Oudtshoorn., the Ostrich capital of the world. The scenery was quite rugged and very arid. It is known as the Little Karoo (dry area) which […]

Our Three Days in Cape Town

On Wednesday, our first day in Cape Town, we had a leisurely start and following a nice breakfast at the Raddison Hotel, we caught their shuttle down to the V&A Waterfront Centre, just around the headland from the hotel. This is an area of dockland that has been regenerate in the style of Darling Harbour […]

Travelling On The Blue Train

Over the last two days, we have been travelling from Pretoria to Cape Town on South Africa’s premier luxury train, simply known as the Blue Train. The route covers approximately 1,600-kilometres and is reputed to be one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world. Each carriage of four compartments has its own butler, […]