365 Photos

365 Photo Project

I decided to commence this project on New Year’s Day 2010.

My goal is to upload one photo on every day of the year. Each photo will be taken on my Iphone and can only be edited to the extent that Iphone applications will allow. I guess these photos will become the story of my year. Let’s hope that it is a good one!



  1. Jane Ring · ·

    My eighth grade class is doing a project for a presentation on designing a city of the future which is sustainable and we have chosen Nauru as the site. (We like a challenge.)

    We will be entering the city in a regional and then, hopefully a National competition We would like to use some of your photos on our exhibits. We would definitely note your website as a source.

    Because it is for a limited educational purpose, I hope that is not a copyright issue.

    Please let me know.

    Jane H. Ring
    Our Lady Help of Christians School
    Abington, PA, USA

  2. Jan,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my website requesting approval for the use of my photos.

    I am very happy for you to use them in your class project.

    It’s ironic that you are basing the location of a future city in Nauru as that country has a very uncertain future. A previous protectorate of Australia, Nauru squandered it’s phosphate wealth with poor investments and stupid appointments of con men as financial advisors. It was once close to being the wealthiest country in the world (on a per capita basis).

    My son, David, once spent some time in Nauru and you can find is story on his web site at http://www.micronesianodyssey99.com.

    Good luck with your project and I hope that your students enjoy working on it. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the finished product?


    Bruce Wilson

  3. What a great project! Enjoying your ‘daily photo journey’. The last one the yarra view is really good. I am impressed with no parallax distortion on that little iPod camera!

  4. Stewart Eager · ·

    Some fantastic photos and has certainly inspired me to get out and about more often.

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