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Bushwalking Around Marysville

The little town of Marysville is about 100 km NE of Melbourne. It was virtually wiped out in the bushfires of ‘Black Saturday’ in 2009. It’s slowly coming back, but I guess that only about half of the original number of houses have been rebuilt and there are still lots of vacant house lots throughout […]

Bushwalking in the Grampians

I’ve just spent a few days in The Grampian Ranges bushwalking with my friend Bob. These rugged mountains are located to the northwest of Melbourne and are about 49,000 square kilometres in size. The national park there is one of Victoria’s largest. It has over 600km of roads, 200km of walking trails, colourful displays of […]

Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory is named after Thomas Wilson, a merchant friend of Mathew Flinders, one of the early explorers of Australia’s coastline. We spent a very pleasant few days in the National Park to do some bushwalking. The ‘Prom’ has had a series of disasters over recent years. In 2009, most of the park was burnt […]

SW Tasmania

It was with an air of anticipation that, along with four friends, I climbed into one of Par Avion’s small Britten Norman Islander aircraft to head to SW Tasmania. Having decided that we were too old to walk the long seven day route from Cockle Creek around the South Coast Track, we decided to fly […]

Bushwalking near Powelltown

We enjoyed having David home from Japan and with us over Christmas and the new year period. On one of the days that he was with us, we enjoyed a day of walking along the timeber trameways near Powelltown. We left our car t the new Ada Tree Car Park and walked about 1.5 kms […]

Going Nowhere on Kosciuszko

On December 1st 2008, a group of six of us assembled at the bottom of the chairlift at Thredbo ready for a five day walk across the Main Kosciuszko Range. in the morning, the weather had been very overcast and the whole range looked to be well and truly clouded in. I was very reluctant […]

A Walk Over the Top of Victoria

Bob Neil and I set out for a four day walk on the Bogong High Plains over April 7 – 10th. This area appealed to us at it is remote, scenic and flat! On our first day, we left the car near Pretty Valley Pondage and walked a little over 4 kilometres to Tawonga Huts. […]

Mustering Flat Walk

Over the weekend a small party of us went walking to one of our favourite nearby bushwalking sites – Mustering Flat which is on the Mt Baw Baw Plateau. We left from the St Gwinnear car park and followed the well defined track to the top of Mt St Gwinnear and then along the footpad […]