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Welcome to Our New Grandson

We had a surprise on Sunday when our second grandson arrived early in Perth. Yuki had expected to have an elective Caesarean on Wednesday but this little guy decided to come early and she gave birth naturally on Sunday. He was born at 10.45 am, weighing 3.54 kg with a length of 52 cm Jill […]

My Afternoon With the Friends of the 15th Brigade

Today is the day before ANZAC day when I will march with my mates with whom I served in Vietnam. It’s also Villers Bretonneux Day – the day commemorating the liberation of this little village on the WW1 Western Front in 1918. I have attended my second function held by a local organisation called ‘Friends […]

Catching Up With The Perth Branch of the Family

We’ve just come back from a visit to Perth to see David, Yuki and Orin. We missed seeing them at Christmas because David and Yuki had been back to Melbourne (over east) on a couple of trips for weddings and birthdays late last year. Orin has just had his second birthday, so we thought that […]

Looking Up My Cornish Family History

Some of my ancestors came from Cornwall and today we had some fun looking at the locations where they lived and worked. My mother’s maiden name was Davey and it is quite a popular Cornish name. We can trace her family back to the area of Crowan in Cornwall over at least seven generations but […]

The Wedding of the Year

  On Sunday, we had great delight in attending the wedding of my nephew Robin Wilson to  Larissa Wolf-Tasker in Daylesford. Robin is my younger brother’a son. Larissa’s parents Allan and All Wolf-Tasker own (and run) the Lake House Boutique hotel and restaurant in Daylesford Robin, of course, was turned out more resplendently  than I […]

It’s Been a Busy Week

This week has been an active one for us – at least compared to a few of the previous weeks.  This weekend, we celebrated Jill’s 70th birthday and enjoyed the company of our whole family who made it a very special time. Actually, her celebrations went on for a few days. A week, or so, […]

The Creativity of a Child

My grand daughter Violet (aged five years) is now in her first year of school. She has begun to learn maths and her teacher involved her class by using a worksheet that required the children to work out some addition equations such as 8+6=14 and 5+3=8. Violet then had to create two more equations to […]

A School Teacher’s Influence

I’m with Miss Yoshiko Denogami who has been visiting us over the last few days. In Japan, she is more formally known as Denogami Sensei. (Sensei  is a Japanese honorific and a word that is literally translated as “person born before another”. In general usage, it is used with proper form, after a person’s name […]