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Back from Norfolk

I arrived home from Norfolk Island on Wednesday afternoon after a solid week of activity. I had a busy week and I  was pretty tired after having three early mornings (3.45 am) in a row. I filled in my second last day (free of any planned activity) revisiting some of the places that I had […]

Norfolk Island Photography

The weather turned yesterday – back to a sunny day with a slight breeze. It was very different to the gloomy fog and humidity of the previous day.. We were very active again with so many interesting things to photograph. Hrere’s a sample of some of my images from the day. I found this Golden […]

More Time on Norfolk Island

I have been very busy over the last few days with our photography group on Norfolk Island. We have enjoyed the scenery and the opportunity to take an unlimited number of shots throughout the day. Michael Snedic has presented us with a lot of opportunities to photograph the highlights of this place in a well […]

Back on Norfolk Island

Well, I’m back on Norfolk – a place that I hadn’t expected to return to, at least for many years. This time, I have a different set of expectations and I’m busy with a photo workshop run by Michael Snedic, a Brisbane based photographer. Last time I was here, I was disappointed. Not by the […]

Norfolk Island – Would We Return?

Norfolk Island is a quiet, peaceful and scenic place. Would we return some day? Probably, not for a long time. Perhaps our opinion is coloured by the fact that we chose to spend seven days here, when four or five would have been quite ample for us. We are people who, while in our sixties […]

Norfolk Island – Not Much Left to See

Well, we have now seen pretty much everything on the island and we are starting on our second circuit of the sites. Seeing that the shops were only open in the morning on Saturday, we took some time to buy a few more beers and another bottle of wine for pre-dinner drinks. We found a […]

Norfolk Experiences

We must be getting acclimatised to the pace of this place as it was after 8.30 when we awoke this morning and nearly 10.00 am before we left to head into town for brunch. We pottered around a couple of the craft shops that we had not yet visited and spent a lot of time […]

Norfolk Island Resupplied

Our last two days have been very pleasurably spent taking in the very attractive scenery of Norfolk Island. Yesterday, we started late and found a rather nice café for brunch in the main street. I was getting sick of eggs, so I ordered a really nice fruity breakfast with a base of honey drizzled Greek […]