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The Southern Flinders Ranges

Today, we finally made it to the Southern section of the Flinders Ranges. This series of mountains form the biggest mountains in South Australia and were named in honour of Mathew Flinders (by some of his party). He was the first man to circumnavigate Australia in 1802. The first settlers arrived here in 1845. We planned to […]


We finished our Proud Mary river boat trip last Friday, but not before we visited the tiny town of Mypolonga. This little settlement on the bank of the lower Murray River. has a population of only about 300 people. It was surveyed in 1915 and its name comes from an Aboriginal name meaning Cliff Lookout […]

Mannum and Wombats

Our boat had moved a few kilometres upstream from where we joined it at Murray Bridge and on this our first day on the river we awoke to find ourselves moored by  a nice quiet park at Woodlane. I’m a bit surprised at just how many timy settlements there are along the river. Some were […]

Wimmera – Sheep and Grain Country

The area west of Horsham is flat and not particularly photogenic. Once you leave the Grampians behind, there are no outstanding natural features to break the relatively flat landscape. As I drove towards the South Australian border, it was clear that this is a broad-acre grain farming and sheep area. At the moment, newly sown […]


We enjoyed our day traveling from Broken Hill and the time seemed to go quickly. The country side changed along the way from arid salt bush country near Broken Hill to green grass around the pastoral area of Peterborough and extensive market gardens just north of Adelaide. Just before arriving in Adelaide, we stopped in […]

Patriotic Peterborough

On our trip from Broken Hill to Adelaide today, we deviated off the highway for a few kilometres to visit the town of Peterborough – actually it just arrived on the GPS just in time for coffee. This town must take the award for being the patriotic capital of Australia. This fact became instantly clear […]