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Albany Seascapes

I had some free time while I attending the 85 Transport Platon Reunion in Albany last week so I was able to visit a few of the local picturesque beaches and bays. Thanks to Trish Routley for her company. These are some of the images I created at these spectacular places Sunset at The Gap, Albany Albany and […]

Catching Up With The Perth Branch of the Family

We’ve just come back from a visit to Perth to see David, Yuki and Orin. We missed seeing them at Christmas because David and Yuki had been back to Melbourne (over east) on a couple of trips for weddings and birthdays late last year. Orin has just had his second birthday, so we thought that […]

Surf’s Up Again

The surf was up again at Margaret River and the Surf Carnival is back in process. The semi finals were being conducted near Surfers Point and the locals were out at the other beaches  along the coast. This area has powerful and challenging waves for experienced surfers and is regarded as a world class surfing […]

Margaret River

We’re in Margaret River, a town in SW Western Australia and on our way to see David Yuki and little Orin in Perth over next weekend. This town began its life around 1831 as a timber town. It is now famous for its wineries and gourmet food establishments. It’s a bit of ‘hippy’ town with […]

From Apples to Tulips

On Friday morning we were roused by screams and cheers from the crowd down below in the street as the Apple store opened just before 8 am to start selling phones to those who has slept out in the street overnight. Apparently, the reasons to why there was a large number of Asian people inn […]

Sunny Perth

While it has been cold and wet in Melbourne, today has been 26 degrees C here in Perth where we are visiting David and Yuki. We have enjoyed the nice warm weather and are looking forward to the next few days when this nice sunny climate will continue. We started our morning with a visit […]

To Perth via Hyden

Over the last two days of our travel  we have driven  from Kalgoorlie to Perth with an overnight stop in the little town of Hyden, right in the middle of the West Australian Wheat Belt. Not long after leaving Kalgoorlie, we passed through the old gold mining town of Coolgardie. With streets wide enough to […]


I have been a little delayed with my posts as, like most other on our bus, I have caught a bad cold and I haven’t felt like writing after a day of driving. When you are travelling with others, it very hard for affliction to not be passed on. The distance from Esperance to Kalgoorlie […]