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Antarctic Photos Revisited

While the weather has been too hot to work outside, I have been spending some time reviewing my photo library – culling out some duds, key wording some and just reviewing others. It’s a useful exercise as sometimes when you come back to photos that you initially rejected, you find that they were pretty good […]

Flight Over Antarctica

  On Sunday, we enjoyed the Christmas present that Jill and I had given each other – a flight over Antarctica. Run on a chartered Qantas long-range 747, these flights operate only six times per year and this one was the last flight for the season. Jill wouldn’t get to see the white continent any […]

Antarctica Photo Gallery

Now that I have been home from Antarctica for a few days, I have thad some time in which to sort out my photos (2983 of them) and select the best few to show in a public photo gallery. I have created four separate galleries in this post – 1. Ushuaia, 2 Falkland Islands, 3. […]

Still On The Way Home

Today has been our final day at sea. It’s been another day of little wind, sunshine and smooth seas. We’ve been making good progress towards Ushuaia at 14 knots (about 20 km / hr) means that bee have made up too much time. In the afternoon we have slowed down to a little over 5 […]

On the Way Back to Ushuaia

I’m taking the risk of writing tis in the middle of the day as I don’t think that anything much is going to happen here for the rest of the day. We are now at sea on our return trip to Ushuaia with another day and a half of sailing. We are blessed with calm […]

Our Last Day in Antarctica

Today was our last day in Antarctica. We were meant to be here for only two days, but because of the fog at Elephant Island, we have been able to fit in an extra day.  Our day started at 6.00 am with a wake-up cal as we entered the Lemaire Channel. This is a narrow […]

Gerlache Strait

Today has been a stunning Antarctic day. We woke up in Willhemena Bay in the northern end of the Antarctic peninsular. The weather was sunny, the sky was blue and the air temperature was -1C. We were off in Zodiacs to see the sites by 7:00 am, before breakfast. Wilhemena Bay is noted place for […]

Awesome Antarctica

Well, today has been a great day, We are at the northern end of the Antarctic Peninsular in calm seas and brilliant sunshine. The weather has really made up for the windy and wild weather that we had during our crossing from South Georgia.  We awoke this morning to our first view of Antarctica – […]