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Arctic Wrap-up

Now that I am home from my trip to the Arctic, I have had time to add some photos to the text only posts that I was able to make whilst I was away. It was quite challenging to keep my news up to date when I could only send text messages through the ship’s […]

Last Day on the Ship

Today, Sunday June 5th, is our final day on the ship. We started, as usual, with Hayley’s voice (our expedition leader) coming from the speaker in the ceiling at 7.00 am with a wake up call. She told us that the temperature outside was 12 degrees and it has been a nice sunny day all […]

Walrus & Relics

It’s Saturday, July 5 and we are positioned on the opposite side of the Fjord to the little settlement of Ny Aleson that we visited earlier in the voyage. When I looked out the dining room window and saw the same architecturally significant concrete grey colored blockhouse from the mining site, I knew exactly where […]

Stalking Bears

Today, Friday, July 3rd has been a top day. Te weather has become fine and even though it is still cold, we have had sunshine to brighten up the scenery, some scattered clouds to make the sky interesting and some animals that have made the day exciting. We are back in Woodfjorden, the same place […]

Zodiac Cruising

We found ourselves positioned in Raudfjorden this morning (Thursday, July 2) on the very north-west corner of Spitzbergen. We have clearly given up trying to circumnavigate this island group because the sea ice is simply too thick. Two other ships have tried and been turned back by the Norwegian Coast Guard. It looks as though […]

Polar Bear Sightings

We found ourselves positioned near Worsleyneset in Woodfjorden with a plan for going ashore after breakfast on one of the small nearby islands. Our scouting party had found a bear on the island and some people looking out from the bridge saw three or four others in the surrounding area. It wasn’t safe to land, […]

Glaciers, Whales and Polar Bears

It’s Monday, June 29. We finished our day last night in Lillehockbreen with a visit to an enormous glacier of the same name. We cruised right up to its face after our BBQ dinner and stopped with the bow pointing to the glacier about 500 metres away from it. There was one other ship there, […]

Good Photographic Days

  Our last two days have been very enjoyable days in terms of taking pictures. I’ve taken over 300 with a lot of ‘experimenting’ with settings and trying out different compositions. We sailed until lunch time yesterday ( Saturday, June 27) and reached our first stop near Bourbonhamna on Recherchefjordan by about 4.00 pm. We […]