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Catching Up With Keiko

We had a great time today with my friend Keiko who traveled across from her home in the south eastern corner of Washington State to spend the day with us. She joined us for our day out to two of Seattle’s most outstanding sights – the Boeing Factory and the Chihuly Glass Sculpture Gardens. I […]

Touring Seattle

I know it’s possible to find our own way around a new city but the easiest way to get a quick overview of the place we are visiting is to go on a city tour. That’s what we did yesterday.  We started with a visit to the ‘Space Needle’. This is Seattle’s version of the […]

Our First Day in Seattle

Well, after many hours of travel, we reached Seattle yesterday afternoon where we will stop over for a few days. I remember this as a lovely scenic city and I’m keen to see some more of it. I’m very impressed with the solid history of business organisations that are headquartered in the Seattle area. They […]

Back To San Francisco

Our final day of traveling in California was to drive from Fort Bragg back to San Francisco. It would have only been a few hours if we had driven straight down the highway, but of course, we took advantage of the time to continue our exploring.  The coastal road down Highway 1 is spectacular. There […]

The Forgotten Coast

When we looked at the local tourist brochure for sights to see around Eureka, one seemed to stand out  – a driving trip through a quaint little town called Ferndale and then onto a deviation from the main Highway 101 to the ‘Forgotten Beach’. The first part of this drive took us to one of […]

Redwoods and Timber Barons

Eureka, in northern California,  where we are staying foe a couple of days  is the largest coastal city between San Francisco and Portland. The entire city is a state historic landmark because of its hundreds of significant Victorian homes and commercial buildings. A few miles south of Eureka, down Highway 101 is the famous drive […]

Oregon and California Coasts

By this morning, most of the rain from the last few days had cleared and today was much brighter and sunnier. We left Coos Bay quite early and headed south down Highway 101 towards the city of Eureka. We have been following a variation of a self-drive itinerary published by the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. […]

Coos Bay

We drove down to the historic town of Coos Bay on the Oregon coast yesterday with a few deviations on the way. On leaving Portland, we got confused by the some of the freeway directional signs and in places, there were only a few hundred metres to get from one side of a 60 mph […]