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The End of our South West USA Road Trip

Yesterday, we drove south-west from the Grand Canyon back to Las Vegas on the last day of our trip. It was mostly dry desert country – a bit similar to the vegetation around Central NSW. We drove nearly 300 miles but most of the trip was on a dual-lane highway with a speed limit of […]

More of the Grand Canyon

We took it easy this morning and found ourselves just making breakfast at our hotel. Our hotel is just outside the national park boundary, about 10 kms south of the visitors centre in the little town of Tusayan where the Grand Canyon Airport is located. We planned to spend today visiting the viewpoints to the […]

The Grand Canyon

We left Sedona this morning, travelling north up the Oak Creek Gorge. It was a narrow two-lane road with plenty of places to turn out and catch a scenic view. The road left the gorge with steep climb up to the plateau and through a number of hairpin bends. We found a scenic view at […]

Sedona – The Healing Capital of the World

We are staying in Sedona, Arizona which must be the ‘wellness capital of America, if not the world! The town is nestled under enormous red sandstone formations that create a sense of awe and make for a wonderful landscape. The town attracts spiritual seekers, artists and healers from all over. Many New Age believers think […]

Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

The desert may seem like the last place you’d expect to find beautiful flowers and flora. The main reason we came to Phoenix was to visit their world famous Desert Botanical Gardens. It’s home to thousands of species of cacti, trees and flowers from all around the world but it specialises in local desert species […]

Five Different Worlds On The Way To Phoenix

Over our rather long drive from Gallup to Phoenix, we passed through five quite distinct surroundings. An early start got us on our way on this 455 kilometre day (one of our long ones on this trip). It was cold when we left. The minimum overnight temperature (just before dawn) had fallen to -8C and […]

Culture and History along Route 66

We left our very nice hotel in Santa Fe (La Fonda on the Plaza) to head west early after breakfast. It was a sunny morning and the temperature was -1C. It took a little over an hour to get to Albuquerque. ( have awful trouble spelling that name!) It’s not the capital of New Mexico, […]

Our Scenic Drive to Taos

Today, we had the idea of doing a scenic drive to the town of Taos, a little north of Santa Fe but it turned into a bit of a flop. Taos is the home to a World Heritage Pueblo community. We knew that the community was closed to visitors today, but we thought that we would […]