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Ushuaia – The End of the Earth

Greetings from the end of the earth! I arrived in Ushuia on Monday??? ( I have totally lost track of the days) after flying on a lunch time fight from Calafate. It was only a short 50 minute trip but again, the plane as completely full. The first thing that I did after checking in […]

Paine Photos

The very uninteresting scenery on the way from Calafete to Paine National Park The Paine Range The panorama from near our hostel There are thousands of these Guanacos in the park (a relative of the Llama) The Towers of Paine View from the lookout at the top of the moraine. The ‘Horns’ on the Paine […]

Paine National Park

I have been on the go so much over the last three days that I haven’t had time to sctratch myself, let alone add to my posts. I’m now back in Calafete (which for some reason today is without water) and I have a rest day for the afternoon. This gives me a time to […]

Perito Merino Glacier

This was a great place to visit – a world heritage site. The Glacier is the only one in the world that is not receding. It is located 80 kms from Calafete and we took about a bit over an hour to get there in our little bus. The glacier is not the biggest in […]

Photos & Scenery

Through the good fortune of finding an Internet Cafe in Calefate, I am able to upload a few pictures of places & things that I have seen. This is a street in one of the more modern areas of BA These are a few examples of the courful houses in the La Boca Region The […]

Chaltern – Trekking

Hi everyone. I finaly found an Internet Cafe in Chaltern and have been able to read your comments. Thanks for them all. Sorry about any spelling mistakes, but it´s hard enough to grab time to write my journal anyway, without worrying about spelling. I´ve been doing most of my blogs while lying in bed in […]

Cerro Torre

On Sunday, we completed the first of three days of trekking from our base in Chaltern. We walked 11 kilometres into the lake at the end of the glacier beneath Cerro Torre (Big Towers) – a part of the Fitzroy Range. We came back the same way, making a return trip for the day of […]

A Day of Travel

On Saturday we spent our entire day travelling to Patagonia. We left Buenos Aries in pouring rain and were half drowned as we walked across the tarmac to the plane. You can always trust that there will be some dumb American who has all their rain gear on but still insists on pushing past everyone […]