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Cruising on the Murray

For the last few days, we have been cruising upstream to the town of Blanchtown and now we heading back down the river to Murray Bridge. It’s a very peaceful life, but at times it does get a bit boring. The river is about 150 metres wide but very slow – flowing at only about […]

Adelaide – A Long Day of Filling in Time

We were up at 6.00 am yesterday to head off to Murray Bridge via Adelaide with my Probus Club on a five day trip along the Murray River on the riverboat ‘Proud Mary’.  We checked in early for our 10.00 am flight that left on time and arrived in Adelaide at 11.30 am. We were […]

Venizio’s Farm Revisited

Visiting the farm of Venizio’s family in Peru was a fascinating insight into a different world. Here was a man who couldn’t read or write and scratched out a meagre existence  by growing potatoes and corn on the land around his house. He was very proud of his family, and had a number of certificates […]

Buenos Aries

We have spent the last three days in Buenos Aries in Argentina at the conclusion of our trip. The city’s name in English translates into ‘Good Air’ and it is indeed a good and comfortable pace to visit. I have decided that I like this city. I thought this on my first`tri8p to here and […]

She’s Not the Girl from Ipanema

I saw Rob’s comment that the best view in Rio would be the girls on the beach. Unfortunately, we were there on two cool and cloudy days. I took this picture of the only woman I saw on the beach in a bikini. She’s not tall, she’s not young, and she’s not lovely – but […]

Drenched at Iguazu Falls

We arrived at Iguazu on Tuesday after a two hour flight from Rio. Iguazu is approximately half way between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aries and s at a point on the Iguazu River on the Border of Brazil and Argentina. The falls are one- of the top ten natural wonders of the world. Although […]

Rio de Janeiro

We arrived in Rio on Saturday night after a long flight for a visit to this exciting and romantic city. Unfortunately, we hit a patch of cool rainy weather,so a lot of our expectations were not fulfilled to the degree we might have expected.The weather kept most people off the  beach, so the Girl from […]

Sugarloaf – Rio

Here’s the view from wwhere I am standing at the top of Sugarloaf, Copacobana Beach is to the left.