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The Long Trip Home

Leaving the baptism party was the beginning of my trip home to Melbourne. Birge kindly dropped me off at the local station where I caught a train to Hanover. From there I had a 2 1/2 hour trip on the Inter Clty Express(ICE) to Frankfurt. That was a pleasant trip and I enjoyed watching rural Germany […]

A Baptism in Barsingausen

We have enjoyed the final days of this trip in a very relaxed way at the home of David’s friends Stefan and Birge along with their two beautiful daughters Maiko & Suzuna. David first met Stefan at university in Japan. He and his family live in the town of Barsinghausen in Lower Saxony, Germany. Stefan […]


There was a young lady from Riga Who smiled as she rode on a tiger They returned from the ride With the lady inside And the smile on the face of the tiger. We haven’t seen a tiger yet, but after being in Russia for the past 19 days, the city of Riga seems much […]

St Petersburg

Our lack of posts over the last few days is simply a sign that we have been very busy since arriving in St Petersburg. Whilst on the train we had much more time available to devote to writing than we have had over the last three days. It feels as though we haven’t stopped in […]

Photos of St Petersburg

We’ll try to post an update about our time in St Petersburg shortly.  In the meantime, here are some photos of this amazing city. This is the Church of the Spilled  Blood, completed in 1907, built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was murdered.  The Soviets let is decay during the communist years, and […]

Images of Moscow

Now I’ve had some time to edit them, here are some photos of our time in Moscow. One of our first stops in Moscow was the reconstructed Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Stalin built 7 gothic skyscrapers across the city, now called the Seven Sisters.  This one is a university.  You can imagine them being […]

Moscow – Part 2

Our exploration of Moscow began in earnest yesterday morning with a visit to Red Square to visit Lenin’s tomb. We travelled by the Metro (subway) which is distinctly impressive The Moscow Metro was begun in Stalin’s time in the 1920’s. It has over 200 kilometres of track to 172 stations across 11 lines. Some of […]


We arrived in Moscow early yesterday morning and because our hotel room would not be ready until 2.00 pm,  we were given a whirlwind tour of the city highlights.  It seemed that we went to a hundred places in a very short time and I can’t remember everything hat we saw other than the KGB Headquarters, […]