Travel Day to Durban

Yesterday was simply a travel day for us. We drove along the coast from Knysna to Port Elizabeth and then caught a flight to Durban.

On leaving Knysna, we passed the sprawling township area that probably had the best view of all residential locations in Knysna. It is situated on the top of a hill looking across the lagoon. It’s still a bit difficult  for me to comprehend how all the black people we see working in hotels, stores and cafes live in these humble circumstances some distance from town.


The countryside wasn’t so interesting today. At first, It was largely a flat coastal plain intersected with deep gorges where rivers flowed from the mountains behind the coast. As we continued on to Port Elizabeth, we encountered dairy farms as the land here was able to be irrigated and the grass was more l;ush.


The highlight of our day was a stop at Tsitsikama National Park on the coast. This is a popular place for camping and walking with some hiking routes taking walkers up to four days..Apparently these are so popular that walks have to be booked up to a year ahead.  It has some magnificent coastal scenery. I walked along a short walk to a suspension bridge across a river..The walk went through a stretch of indigenous rain forest along a board walk made of recycled plastic.



Immediately on arriving in Port Elizabeth we headed to the airport for our 1 hour, 20 minute flight to Durban. Port Elizabeth is a large automotive manufacturing city and quite industriaL with many ancillary;iary industries such as tyre manufacturing.. It has a large harbour with many cars in protective wrapping lined up on the wharf. Unfortunately, we did not have time to spend downtown.

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