A Few Days at Brigadoon

This week we spent a few days with our friends, Rod & Margot, at their property named Brigadoon at Newborough. Their self contained cottages form a very nice place to get away from it all for a few days and we enjoy the quiet bushland environment that they offer.

The weather was very cold and wet, but we were grateful for a warm cosy fire. For whatever reason, we spent most of sightseeing time travelling through the mountains to the south of the Highway and near to Mount Worth State Park. If it hadn’t have been so wet, we would have had some spectacular views and some great photography. As it was, it was cold, foggy and misty. This must have been good weather for Lyrebirds as we saw six over our daily drives. At one time, the outside temperature had done down as far as 3 degrees and in one place, their had been so much hail that the road was completely white.

On the morning that we left, we were entertained by Brigadoon’s resident Kookaburras as they laughed most of the way through our breakfast