A Recommended Website

It's true that travel broadens the mind. What was once right or wrong, simply becomes different. Things that were once unknown, now become understandable. Narrow mindedness decreases and understanding alternatives is possible. Bigoted and biased opinions are replaced with a more sensitive understanding of other possibilities.

That is until you get home from an overseas trip and run into the least understanding of all people – the Bogan. To be fair, these people are actually everywhere. in Southern Australia we call them Bogans. They are called Bevans in Queensland and Westies in NSW. In the USA they are known as Rednecks, Chavs in the UK and Skangers in Ireland. The problem in our increasingly sophisticated society is that these people live in a different world and we ridicule them as we have little real understanding of them and their subculture.

However, help is now at hand and I can point you towards a further mind expanding experience. All you need do is to visit this site here – What Bogans Like.

I have great admiration for the author as he / she has developed a detailed knowledge of 'Boganism' and in great detail, explains the culture, thoughts and priorities of this group of people. It's an amazing site! Amongst the content you will find:

  • An extensive list of Bogan baby names – with correct spelling.
  • Hundreds of articles on Bogan lifestyle, culture and psychology.
  • Even a Bogan wedding vow generator that is great fun to play around with.

I encourage you to expand your mind and learn about these folk and their ideas. Vistiting this site is an essential part of the education of the rest of us in our society.