We enjoyed our day traveling from Broken Hill and the time seemed to go quickly.

The country side changed along the way from arid salt bush country near Broken Hill to green grass around the pastoral area of Peterborough and extensive market gardens just north of Adelaide.

Just before arriving in Adelaide, we stopped in a siding to let the north bound Ghan pass.

We all needed to get off the train while it was serviced in Adelaide, so Jill and I took one of the whistle stop bus tours around the city and this filled in an journey so. Back at the station, we found that the car carriers had been reconfigured and not only are there four of them now, but our car is on the bottom level. They are now at the back of the train.

After the train had been through the wash and shunted back into the station, we were allowed to re-board for the next stage of our trip across the Nullabor.