Airline Schedules

Here I am flying in circles over Eildon on another attempt to get home a little earlier from Sydney.

Last time I tried to get an earlier flight I changed from my original flight at 7.00 pm to an earlier one that was scheduled to leave at 6.00 pm. Ultimately, because of a technical fault my new flight left at 7.30 pm – half an hour later than my original flight. All I could do was mournfully watch everyone board my original flight while I filled in more time in the airport lounge.

Today, my problem was caused by fog in Melbourne. I had received an SMS message from Qantas to say that my flight would be 30 minutes late and I thought that I was very smart in changing to an earlier one. We actually left Sydney an hour late and because of congestion at Melbourne, we will now arrive later than my original flight.

The moral of this story is if you are already on a good thing, stick to it. Trying to hasten airline travel simply puts you further behind!