Around Kununurra

On Friday, we had a rest day and the people in our group went on a number of individual activities.

Jill & Ruth went on a day tour to El Questro and enjoyed the day. The walk up Emma Gorge and the boat cruise down the Chamberlain River were their highlights of the day.

I went on a two hour flight with three others down to the Bungle Bungles. Over all, we flew 600 kms out of Kununurra, across Lake Argyle, over the Bungles and back over the Argyle Diamond Mine.and finally the irrigation areas around Kununurra. It was very interesting ta get a perspective on this area from the air. There are some rugged mountains through the area of the Carrboyd Range and there is a fascinating panorama of red peaks and ridges interspersed with winding creeks in the valleys.

On Saturday we drove 100kms to the town of Wyndam. This used to be a thriving town with a large meatworks but it can now best be described as being in gentle decay. It has tides of over 7metres in height and still has a number of ships in and out each week bringing construction materials and fuel and taking out live cattle and nickel. There is a great lookout above the town which provides a view along a long expanse of the coastline. From it, you can see the mouths of five of the major rivers of the Kimberley Region. It is very scenic.

Yesterday saw us starting out with a church service where the tourists easily out numbered the locals. From there it was on to Lake Argyle, 70 kms from Kununurra for a picnic lunch and afternoon / sunset cruise. We saw a few rock wallabies.on some of the islands and a couple of fresh water crocodiles. We must be getting acclimatized as everyone thought that it was too cold to go swimming. We were back at our motel by 7.00 for dinner.