Arrived in Tokyo

We arrived on Tokyo yesterday morning, just after 6.00 am. The temperature was just on zero degrees (c) but it increased to about 13 degrees during the day. It only took a few minutes for the limousine bus for our hotel to arrive, bit it took just on two hours to get there in the peak hour traffic.

We couldn’t get a room until 1.00 pm, so we went for a walk Around the shopping area and had lunch in a little cafe.

We ended up having a snooze in the afternoon before meeting David at our hotel at 6.30pm. We enjoyed a good ‘pub’ dinner and then it was back to bed.

Here’s a picture from our hotel room this morning. Shinjuku is a major business district and has the busiest train station in Japan. The curved building was still being constructed when we were here 15 months ago. It looks cold and foggy. Rain is forecast for this afternoon.