Banff Scenery

We spent today looking around the area surrounding the town of Banff. This is highest town (in elevation) in the Canada with an elevation of 1,383 metres. its name come from the town of Banffshire in Scotland  which was the birthplace of the early directors of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Banff National park was declared in 1885; Canada’s first national park. Bow River which flows through the town has its source at the Bow Glacier and Bow Lake. It flows all the way to Hudsons Bay.

We started the day with a ride up the gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain and had this amazing view overlooking the town and the Bow River Valley.


Encircled by the rugged peaks of the Rockies, there seem to be endless numbers of spectacular views around this town.






The main street of Banff is a tourist shopper’s paradise. Many of the shops sell similar things, but each seems to have some point of difference.


Wildlife spotting today was quite good – a number of birds and squirrels as well as this deer and elk that we were lucky enough to see by the side of the road.