Be Careful Which Motel You Book in Peterborough, South Australia

There are only a few places to stay in Peterborough, South Australia, but I cannot recommend the Roundhouse Motel.


This place has just cancelled my booking. I booked a room around six months ago as part of a well planned trip to the Flinders Ranges. Just six days ahead  of our stay, they called me to tell me that my booking was cancelled because, they said, they had a coach tour arriving on the same night and needed all their rooms. I consider it to be extremely unethical for them to cancel an existing booking that has been made well ahead and in good faith.

it is also exceptionally rude to reject an existing guest so that they can accommodate a  larger group. This is somewhat like being invited to a party and then being told not to come because they have invited someone better instead.

Sure, they did find some alternate accommodation for us but it’s in a town over 100 km away and this disrupts a good part of our travel plans.

You may want to make sure that this establishment will honour your booking! They don’t seem to care about their customers with confirmed and guaranteed reservations.