Mt Kosciusko – 2

Main Range Circuit


David & I did this circuit walk a few years after my first walk around the Main Range with Bob Moses.

We began by taking the chairlift from Thredbo village on a hot day of total fire ban. We took the precaution of cooking sausages for dinner on an electric barbeque in the village and then ate them cold for dinner at night. We were surprised to find that as we ascended the chair lift, that the temperature dropped from a hot 36 degrees to just over 20 degrees. This made walking a lot more comfortable as we ambled across country to Cootapatamba Hut. At dusk, we were extensively dive bombed by the Bogong Moths which migrate to this area in summer.

We took it easy on our second day as we climbed Mt Kosciusko and took a photo of us at the highest peak in Australia. Then we walked around the main range track to Blue Lake and decided to pitch our tents in a grassy area in the little valley opposite Blue Lake where a stream flowed from near the Sentinel to the Snowy River. It was a great camp site in the ankle deep grass. At night we lay back and watched the stars and were easily deceived into thinking that some of them were the lights of planes in formation moving towards us. They were only the stars with the clouds moving in the opposite direction in front of them that produced a sensation of movement .

On our final day, we travelled down across the grassy plain and through some waist high heath to cross the Snowy River and the road from Charlotte Pass. We then continued onwards to the Rams Head Range. This eventually brought us to the top of the Chair lift where we finished the walk. This was an easy walks that could have perhaps have been done in one long day, but it just seemed better to take our time and enjoy the view.


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