Mustering Flat

The ‘Flat’


Mustering Flat is a great place to camp, yet few people seem to know of it. It is only accessible by walking and it is located on an open plain near Mt Baw Baw. For much of the way, there is no properly constructed track, although the foot pad is fairly easy to follow through the alpine heath.

Mustering Flat is perhaps a bit more than a square kilometre in size. The ‘Flat’ is so named as it was previously used as place on which cattle were mustered after grazing in the high country over summer before they were driven down to the lower slopes of the Baw Baw Plateau before the winter snows arrived. You get there by either walking across part of the Alpine Walking Track from Mt Erica or via the shorter route from the Mt St Gwinnear Car Park. Along this shorter route, the walk is only about six kilometres.

There are a number of delightful camp sites under the snow gums on the edge of the swampy plain. (We have found the mosquitoes to be rampant in early summer). It is easy to spend a half-day crossing the swampy areas of the flat to visit a small cascade on the creek that spills over the edge of the plain into the Thompson River Valley.


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