The Most Southern Point in Mainland Australia


Well, not quite! Actually the most southern point is at ‘South Point’ – a couple of kilometres to the west of the Lighthouse which stands on ‘South East Point’.

The lighthouse is the furthest destination from Tidal River on the Southern Walking Loop at the Prom (18.5 kilometres from the Mt Oberon Car Park). Some very fit people do the return walk in one day, but I’ve opted for a more enjoyable series of trips, camping at the Roaring Meg Creek Campsite overnight. One can now stay at the lighthouse (with a prior booking).

The lighthouse is now un-manned. In the old days, contact with the lighthouse keeper was via telegraph and the track, in part, follows the route of the old telegraph line.

To reach the lighthouse you have a number of alternatives. The direct route follows the track from the Mt Oberon Car Park although a slightly longer alternative is to walk via Oberon Bay. You can also get there on the newer southern circuit track via Sealer’s Cove, Refuge Cove and Waterloo Bay.

It is well worth making the 3 km side walk from the Roaring Meg Creek Campsite to South Point.


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