Waterloo Bay



Waterloo Bay is possibly the most beautiful beach in Australia.

You can get there in one of three ways:

1. From the Mt Oberon Car Park via Sealers Cove, then on to Refuge Cove, over Kersop’s Peak and down to the camp site at Little Waterloo Bay.

2. Alternately from the car park by the Lighthouse Track, turning left at the track junction before reaching Half Way Hut. This track passes the ‘Easter Island’ type garnite rocks at Boulder Saddle and then descends down to the beach at Waterloo Bay.

3. Leaving the Lighthouse, take the Eastern Track through the rain forest to the Southern end of Waterloo Bay.

The campsite at Little Waterloo Bay is beyond the headland at the Northern end of the main beach and is located in the Tea Tree Forest behind the sand dune. It is a very sheltered campsite.


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