Career Plans of a 4 Year Old

In an in-depth discussion yesterday, Audrey announced that she was having to think hard about the type of job that she would like when she was grown up.

Her overwhelming desire was to become a princess, but she recognised that it wouldn’t be easy, as first she would have to find a prince to marry.

She didn’t liken very many potential job choices at all – especially being a Lawyer like her Dad as that was ‘boring work’. Being a Doctor like her Mum would mean that she would only ‘take lots of notes and hand out pills’.

Jill suggested that she could perhaps be a Mummy, but Audrey pointed out that to do that, you had to have money, so she would still need some type of job.

In the end, Audrey thought that being a writer would be a good job for her – the only trouble is, as she said, “I can’t do letters yet and I can’t draw properly – not even a tree”.

Well, I guess that the answer is to just keep looking on for advertised positions as a princess.