Cathy & Chris’ Wedding

What a fantastic day we had on Sunday, January 30, 2005 at Cathy & Chris’ wedding!

We had the best weather for some time and the whole atmosphere of the day was invigorating. All the guests and the men of the wedding party boarded a boat on the Yarra at Docklands which took them to an unknown destination (to all the guests). All the bridal party had travelled by car to the Gem Pier at Williamstown and were waiting for the boat to arrive. This was the only wedding that I know of where the bride actually waited for the entire wedding party. Normally it is the other way around.

As the boat arrived, the bride and party walked down the pier to the applause and fascination of all the people who were out walking and fishing for the day. They then boarded the boat (complete with white wedding ribbons) and then we sailed went back up the river to Docklands. We had a wonderful wedding service on the boat and a fantastic reception afterwards. Cathy looked beautiful and Chris looked very handsome. Their attendants complemented them superbly.

We all found that the next day was a bit of an anti climax afer all the excitement of the wedding, although it was a very relaxing care-free day for everone. We had Cathy & Chris and all the families at our home on Monday night for a present opening.

Tuesday, February 1st again saw all of us having lunch at the airport and then seeing the bride and groom off on a flight to Frankfurt to spend six months travelling around Europe. Cathy & Chris returned home in July 2005 and picked up their respective careers in medicine and law.