Dubbo to Tamworth

We left Dubbo at about 9.30 on Friday morning to travel to Tamworth. There are some places around here with great names so we decided to go through Dunedoo and then take the ‘Black Stump Way’ to Mulwalla and onto Gunnedah and then Tamworth.

It was raining when we left and it continued to rain all day. It’s also quite cool. The top temperature for Friday was 9 degrees. We are not equipped for this weather. We expected it to be warmer as we travelled north. As a result, we are wearing every warm piece of clothing that we own. If it’s still this cold on Saturday morning, we may need to visit the local shops and buy a warmer jumper.

At Dunedoo we came across the Morris Miinor Club again. They looked just as cold and wet as we are feeling although they are travelling a lot more slowly.

We noticed that this area has a number of very large properties. It is beginning to look green after a very long drought because of this recent rain. The towns are a long way apart and we could drive for some kilometres before coming across the next house. It looks like this is a good wheat growing area with both sheep and cattle grazing. A couple of properties seemed to specialise in black sheep. In one place their were large paddocks of sheep of all shades of black and brown.

We stopped for lunch in Gunnedah and got to Tamworth by 3.00 pm. It seems that you really have to like country music to fit in here. Every park, building and shopping centre has some plaque recognising some significant (and non significant) musician. We just had to go and visit the big Golden Guitar and take a photo of it. It’s a bit like the dog on the tucker box at Gundagai. Not in the sense that it has been the topic of many songs – more for the fact that it is also surrounded by commercial establishments and as such it just blends into a haze of background buildings.