Easter Sunday

We thought that the meals were one of the challenges of being here at O’Reilly’s, but today we found that it was coping with Chocolate Easter Eggs. Almost every time tbhat we turned around, we were presented with another Easter Egg. Seriously, we are learning that the staff here do an excellent job of looking after their guests. Their levels of service and involvement with the people who are staying here is terrific.

Today, we have had a much easier day in a physical sense. Jill and I ventured out this morning on a 4WD trip to Lukes Bluff which provides a lookout from one of the family properties a few kilometres down the road.


We had an interesting (and amusing) briefing from Duncan, our guide, and the trip provided a good opportunity to view the scenery from the top of a bluff overlooking the Albert River Valley. On the way, we saw the bower of a Regal Bower Bird and a pair of Tawny Frogmouths perched high in a tree.

We had a solid morning tea of billy tea and damper wioth golden syrup. The weather was quite sunny in the morning, but it began to rain a little for some of the afternoon.

We were back to the guest house for a sumptuous lunch and then we decided to do a walk down to the Wishing Tree. This tree was a large rainforest tree that had been hollowed out and now provides a large cavern of space under the trunk and between the sections of the trunk that still connect to the forest floor.. It was about a 2km walk from the guest house and gave us another oportunity for a gentle rainforest walk.

From the tree we followed a track which went past the glow worm and flying fox locations and then back up a long hill past some new villa units that are being developed. to the main road.

We had an interesting time chatting to some people in the bar over a pre dinner drink band then another couple over dinner. We were almost the last people to leave the dining rooom. Now it’s off to bed and to get prepared for another tough day.