Exploring Queenstown

Tuesday was a busy day for us on our first full day in Queenstown.

After breakfast, Chris, Audrey and I walked down the steep hill into town while Jill and Cathy took the car. After finding a parking spot, our first stop was at the most outstanding place in town – the AJ Hackett booking centre, where Chris booked a number of adventure activities for upcoming days. You’ll have to read the next few days posts for more details.

I found the next most essential place in New Zealand – the Vodafone shop where I bought a data sim card for Internet access. Chris and I are both set up now for a good week.

From there, we sauntered around b the lake to watch the SS Earnslaw sail and then found a nice coffee lounge by the park near the lake that coincidentally sold a wonderful range of Ice cream. While we all had coffee and a Churru, Audrey was able to commence her plan of having an ice cream every day with Grandy. Today it was strawberry.


After a quick sandwich for lunch, we headed up to the top of Bob’s Peak in the gondola. It was hardly an exciting AJ Hacket type of experience, but we had a great view over the town, lake and the Remarkable Range.


One of the almost exciting activities at the Peak was a Luge Ride. Apart from parasailing it was really the only activity other than eating overpriced food in the cafe. We minded the girls while Cathy and Chris relived their childhood and rode, not once but twice, down this death defying track.


The final part of our day was a visit to the AJ Hacket Bungy Jump site on the historic bridge across the river just a little way out of town. Chris wasn’t interested in this activity as he had Bungy jumped before in Zimbabwe and thought that it was then a stand-out experience that couldn’t be repeated. With my dislike of heights, I just wasn’t interested. Audrey did have a go on a large Bungy trampoline and had a lot of fun.