Great Uncle & Auntie (For the 3rd Time)

If we thought that being grandparents was a sign of our advanced years, being Great Uncle and Great Aunt is very much another reminder.

When I was little, my Great Aunts seemed soooooo old. They were mostly spinsters, having been young in the days after WW1 when there weren’t enough men to go around after the war. I remember Auntie Beatrice, Auntie Mavis and Auntie Myrtle. They had to be treated with the upmost respect. When visiting them as a young child, I was always coached on how to be on my best manners, how not to make too much noise, and how to be well behaved. My Great Aunts were old ladies of whom I was quite afraid.

Well, we are now in the same position, but I hope that our great nephews (and future great nieces) will instead regard us as being much more accessible and approachable.

My sister Rhonda’s daughter, Michaela, now has two handsome little boys – Vasili and Adam.


Last week,we welcomed little Flynn Eamon McDonald into the world. He is the son of Erin and Shane who belong to my brother Colin’s family.


Who knows what the future lies for each of them. What would we predict for their future? We can only hope that we will leave the world in a good enough condition for them to be able to succeed in whatever way they may eventually choose.