Images of Baikal

We haven’t been able to post any photographs for a while, given that we’ve been on trains or haven’t had time to prepare photos for upload when we were in Ekaterinburg.  So, I’m going to upload three posts worth of photos to do a bit of catching up.  You’ll have to link up the images with the text that we’ve already posted.

This set is photos of Listvyanka, the town on the shores of Lake Baikal, about 50km from Irkutsk.

On the way, we stopped at the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture.  This was one of the buildings there – a replica of what would have been a Siberian village’s town office. 


When we arrived at Listvyanka, we got to see the real thing.  This is one of the homes in the street in which our guesthouse was located.  It had the nicest window shutters in the whole street.


With Kostya, Dad and I walked up a hill to a local observatory.  Here we are at the top, with Lake Baikal behind us.


This is the guesthouse where we stayed, which has a completely safe electrical transformer in the front yard.  Just don’t touch the exposed wires.  Zzzzzzzap!


Here’s dad along the shoreline.


This is the row of beach huts along the foreshore at Listvyanka.


A fleet of boats transports people and goods up and down the lake.