Isn’t Technology Wonderful?

I’m all packed and ready to head off on our next adventure, ultimately ending up in the Yukon in Northern Canada.

As I was sorting out my electronics (camera, computer, iPhone etc)i I was thinking back to the old days when i had to lug a lot more stuff around on my business trips.

I counted up all the things that i can now do on my iPhone and found, to my surprise, that it can replace over thirty items that I once would have had to carry separately.  I made this graphic to illustrate them all ( perhaps some other smart people could think of others).

I doubt whether I would have ever taken all these things with me on a trip. I would have needed a cabin trunk and a slave, or two, to carry it.

I understand that technology can be misused – just look at people who have their faces glued to a screen and communicate by text rather than talking to each other. However, when used sensibly technology is a terrific tool. 

I smile to myself as I carry all this capability in my pocket.