Jill’s 60th Birthday

JIll had a significant birthday on September 8, 2006 and she didn’t want to be around to celebrate it so we decided to spend some time away during her birthday week where no one would know her. As a result, we flew to Noosa and had four or five days at the Novotel Resort at Twin Waters.

We had a good few days before her birthday exploring the local countryside and visiting places such as the Glass House Mountains and the Eumundie Markets. This was also the week after which Steve irwin had died and we were right there in his  home country. There were very extensive tributes at his Australia Zoo which we passed a number of times on our travels. His presence seemed to be everywhere in the neighbourhood.

On the night of JIll’s birthday, we had a simple dinner at the restaurant at the resort which was OK, but nothing special.

The real event occurred on the following night (Saturday) as unbeknown to Jill, I had arranged for Cathy, David & Chris to fly up from Melbourne along with Jill’s only relation (Lynn), her oldest friend from her kindergarten days (Sue) and her closest friend (Ruth). They surprised Jill by turning up in the bar before dinner and then all were serenaded as they all travelled by boat across the lagoon to the restaurant.


We al had breakfast together on the Sunday Morning and celebrated Sue’s 60th birthday as well. During the morning we all made our way back to Melbourne on different flights.

Jill had a great surprise and is till talking about this special event, even though she didn’t want to turn 60.