Kokoda Track Video

Our trip along the Kokoda Track in 2002 coincided with the 60th anniversary of the Battle of Kokoda. This is when a small group of untrained, but exceptionally brave,  Australians from several militia units encountered a significantly large force of Japanese soldiers in WW2. Later reinforced by full-time soldiers, their campaign along the Kokoda Track (which crosses the Owen Stanley Ranges in PNG) was one of the toughest examples of jungle warfare in WW2, and probably in all of Australian military history.

I rediscovered this video while tidying up my office recently. For me, this was an amazing trip – full of hard exertion, nostalgia, military history, sweat and exhaustion. You can share in my experience by watching this video that we made on our ten-day, 100 kilometre walk. It runs for approximately 65 minutes.


Depending on your connection speed, this video may take a minute or two to load.