Last Day on the Ship

Today, Sunday June 5th, is our final day on the ship.

We started, as usual, with Hayley’s voice (our expedition leader) coming from the speaker in the ceiling at 7.00 am with a wake up call. She told us that the temperature outside was 12 degrees and it has been a nice sunny day all day. Just a little breeze to keep the temperature a little cool and appropriately arctic.

We went ashore in small groups after breakfast to see a wallow of walrus near a point near Mullerneset on Prince Karls Forland. It was important for us to keep up-wind of the walrus, so we walked very quietly in a tight line along the beach and then a few steps closer to the wallow in line abreast. We didn’t get quite as close to these animals as we did last night, but we were able to stop for half an hour or so watching them. Their behaviour was pretty much the same as our previous sightings – a lot of blubber shuffle, scratching and grunting.


Lunch today was at 1.00 pm to allow the last group time to get back to the ship after visiting the walrus. We have already settled our shipboard accounts, so from now it’s cash for drinks and other purchases.

On our final afternoon, we are going on a zodiac excursion to Alkhoirnet. Tonight it’s dinner with the Captain and a slide show of everyone’s best photos. A great way to end a wonderful trip