Back to Windsor

I’m now at the British Airways Club at Heathrowe Airport and waiting for our flight to Oslo.

Yesterday, we drove from Stratford to Blenheim Palace (the home of the Duke of Marlbourough) and spent a few hours exploring this magnificant building and grounds. Oh, to be so wealthy and noble! I had forgotten all about the ranks of the English peerage, and I was forced to look it up the entry in the Wikipedia that I have downloaded onto my PDA. Interesting reading but it all seems a very artifical world to me.

We had planned to drive on to Cambridge yesterday afternoon as we had heard that it was prettier than Oxford, but we simply ran out of time. Instead, we caught the park & ride into Oxford and had a look at the old historic buildings and colleges in ths University city. Quite splendiferous!

We reached our hotel at Windsor (back at the Royal Adelaide on Kings Road) at about 5.30 pm and found a vacant spot in their carpark. That was almost as important as finding a bed for the night. We spent some time sorting out all the brochures that we picked up along the way and threw out the less important ones. Having consolidated our stuff, it was time for dinner.

This morning, we drove through the site of Runnymead to the airport, dropped of the car and checked in. Our flight doesn’t leave for another hour or so. We had a great time in the UK but it will be nice to have someone look after all the arragements on our behalf on the next part of our trip.