On Saturday, we took one of the options available tours and did a day tour to Montenegro, one It is one of the old Yugoslav states and it added another country to my list.

It was only a short distance from Dubrovnik to the border, which we crossed with ease. Montenegro is noticeably more poor than Croatia and this was visible in the quality of the roads, the type of buildings and the prices for foods etc in the market places.

Our first stop was as a little medieval walled city of Kotor. By now, walled cities are becoming a bit ‘Ho-Hum’ , but we looked around nevertheless. To reach it, we had a very scenic drive around the coast which was a bit reminiscent of a ‘drier’ Norway. Little villages were dotted along the coastline, each with a little church.


From there it was up a windy road with over 27 zig-zags. We stopped on turn 27     where there was a wonderful panorama for a photo.  Lunch was at a little local restaurant at Negrosi. I wasn’t up to the roast pork, but I managed to make a tomato sandwich from the salad.




After lunch, we continued over some interesting alpine scenery until we started on a less windy road and descended down to near the Island of St Stephen. This island has been purchased by a Russian developer and is off limits. It’s a pity as it once had quite a bit of Charm.

Our final destination before returning back to Croatia was a another little walled town of Budva. We found this particularly unexciting. Firstly, we were a bit over medieval walled towns and secondly it had been taken over by the Russians and any original charm was long gone.