Norfolk Island Photography

The weather turned yesterday – back to a sunny day with a slight breeze. It was very different to the gloomy fog and humidity of the previous day..

We were very active again with so many interesting things to photograph. Hrere’s a sample of some of my images from the day.


I found this Golden Orb spider in the garden, just outside my room. Their webs are very strong and intricate. I had to destroy it a little to get close enough for this photos but I guess the spider will rebuild it throughout the day.


I tried my hand at shooting birds in flight when we went to Rocky Point to photograph these Red Tailed Tropic Birds. They come back from feeding in the ocean in the early afternoon and glide on the wind before roosting in their burrows on the cliff face. I’m getting better at following flying birds with my camera, but I dd take a lot of photos of empty sky.


The seas were very large and huge waves were pounding over the rocks below us. I took this photo while waiting for more birds to come past my spot.


As we were walking back through the pine forest at the 100 Acre Wood, I thought that I had come across something interesting and exciting, but it was only one of the islands thousands of feral fowl. Still, its colours were bold and photogenic.


The White Capped Noddy is another sea bird in this area. This one was coming back to roost and decided to hug a tree.


On the roadway near the 100 Acre Wood is a row of enormous Morton Bay Fig Trees with their massive buttress roots.


Sunset across Emily Bay was stunning. They always seem to be good on the day after a storm.


Last night, we went down to the cemetery after dark to do some ‘light painting’ This means taking a long exposure while lighting up a subject with a torch. I had these tombs lined up as a car went past on the road above and lit up the trees on the roadway.


This picture is a bit more ghostly. I tried to capture the stars in the sky behind the gravestones but my camera is not strong in low light. However, it was worth a try. The cloudy sky kept hiding the stars as they blew over.


Finally, I can sign off this post with my name which I wrote in the air with my torch