Our Kiva Milestone

I am a great believer in the work of Kiva, through whom we act as a micro lender to support people in developing counties by making small loans. It is an exciting concept and great to watch businesses in developing countries prosper.

Today, I achieved a milestone – my 100th loan to a Kiva borrower!

These loans have ranged upwards of only $25 and we have joined many others in lending to people such as a truck driver in  Tajikistan, a poultry producer in Vietnam and a bicycle repairer in Ghana. It’s amazing how just a little can make a big difference in relieving poverty and developing financial independence in countries where people may earn as little as one or two dollars per day.

You can view details of the people we have funded by clicking on this link here

Here’s a video of President Bill Clinton explaining the work of Kiva

Perhaps you could consider taking on this work as well – only $25 every now and then makes a big difference. You can pay by credit card or through Pay Pal.

Kiva - loans that change lives