Production Company at the State Theatre

Over the last few years, we have been avid attendees at the Melbourne Production Company Group’s stage shows. This group is sponsored by the Pratt Family and we owe them a debt for the way that their contribution provides opportunities for local actors, singers and musicians to show their capabilities.

They present three shows each year and each one only runs for a week. Each of the shows is a musical. On Friday night, we saw them perform ‘Damn Yankees’ and it was a very well presented show indeed. Other shows that we have attended that come to mind are Chicago, 42nd Street, Annie and Oklahoma. They were all excellent productions.

These shows are all staged in the magnificent State Theatre, part of Melbourne’s art centre in St Kilda Road. The theaters at this centre probably rival those of any other city. The State Theater is famous for it’s beautiful red velvet curtain which displays has a central display of a lyre bird’s tail with ribbons connecting large sprigs of wattle to the sides. It’s the highlight of any visit!


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