Qantas IPad Magazine

Most airlines seem to be looking at ways to reduce weight and costs. Many are looking at new technology to achieve this. On a flight to Sydney on Sunday, I was glancing through the Qantas inflight magazine (I like to look at the route maps to see if there are any new places to travel to) when I saw that Qantas now publish an IPad version of their magazine.

I have to say that this is a very impressive app indeed. Not only is it a rather nice travel magazine, it makes superb use of technology. I was just expecting to read a PDF version of the magazine as on the plane, but the IPad version comes complete with video, animations and sound. Some of the advertisements provide links to the advertiser’s website and the page about the Archibald Prize even provides a way for you to open up your calendar so that you can set a date to visit the exhibition.

Well done Qantas! What a great example of innovation and technical creativity. This is a fine example of the future possibilities of electronic publishing. (It didn’t include the route maps though!)