RAASC Plaque Dedication

It’s a nice sunny autumn day in Canberra and around 200 Vietnam Veterans of the RAASC (Royal Australian Army Service Corps) have gathered for a dedication of a plaque that commemorates its service in Vietnam. My unit (85 Transport Platoon) was a part of RAASC.

The Corps was the fore runner to the present Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) and was responsible for the supply of fresh food, transport, fuel, postal services and supplies to the fighting forces. The main supply base was at Vung Tau, where a number of units managed stores and then transported them to Nui Dat. It was then the job of my platoon (85 Transport) to distribute them to units in the field. This was done both within the task force base, and to the troops in the field by air dispatchers slinging loads under helicopters. Our trucks were also used to carry fuel, stores and ammunition to the field.

The address at the dedication service was given by Major General David McLaughlin and the plaque was unveiled by Brigadier Geoff Christopherson. It will soon be set in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial along with plaques from other unit associations.