Samburu Scenery

The area around Samburu is semi-arid it has a wet season, but just now we are at the end of the dry season. It is rather dusty except the lodge is a little oasis. It is surrounded by a high fence to keep the animals out, but there are dozens of monkeys around the buildings. We have to be careful to keep our door closed, however we get a nice breeze coming through the louvre windows. This morning, there was a four metre crocodile lying on the river bank about 25 mergers from the path that we use to get from our room to the dining area.

There was wifi available here, but the outside antennas were washed away in the flood during the let wet season. I’m not sure when I will be able to upload these posts, but as soon as I can find an Internet connection I will post them to my site.

Here are some photos of the surrounding area – the type of countryside that we see on our morning and afternoon game drives.