Top of Tassie

Yesterday we ventured from Devonport to Stanley (and its Nut). We explored a lot of coastal scenery and a lighthouse at Table Cape. There Are lots of interesting crops around this area of Tasmania. One is the daisy from which Pyrethrum is made  and the other a poppies. Tasmania is one of the few places in the world where poppies are grown legally for the production of opium for morphine. There are acres of them and they are just coming into flower.

The guide book said that Stanley was an an hour and a half from Devonport, but with a lot of ambling along and a stop or two for coffee, we arrived there at 2.30. We found a nice little cottage for the night and then took a quick trip to Smithton and Dismal Swamp.

Dinner was at the pub – a short walk along with a visit to a nice gallery with wood products and paintings.

This morning (Monday) we drove up the Dip River Valley to see the Dip Falls and the Big Tree -= an old remnant Stringybark in the forest. From there we headed to Wynyard for lunch at the bakers and then on to Cradle Mountain where we are stopping for  the night at Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Jill must be blessed with good luck as Cradle Mountain  is only clear of cloud on something like 65 days per year an every time that she has been here (including this trip) the peak has been exceptionally clear. I took a couple more photos to record the event and then we had a look at Weindorfers. This bought back a lot of  memories as when I walked the Overland Track for the first time  in 1970, it was snowing there on Christmas Eve an the rangers allowed us to sleep inn the day hut that is still there.

After checking into the Lodge, we found a very pretty little 20 minute walk along a boardwalk track by the side of pencil pine creek. We saw lots of interesting plants including some Waratahs that were out in flower and some of the ubiquitous Candle Heath that has caused many scratches top our legs on many bush walks in the alpine areas. There were a number of very large wombats, a couple of Bennet’s Wallabies and a Pademelon by the track too.

Tomorrow its off to Strahan