Understanding Kiwi

Jill and I are having a relaxed trip to NZ for the next ten days. We flew into Christchurch on Saturday and drove down to Timaru for our first night. We spent our second night at Mount Cook where it was very wet with low cloud, however the mountain was clear at dawn this morning. Today we travelled south to Queenstown where we will spend the next three days.

I know that all countries have their unique terminology and expressions, but I am already reminded of how helpful it is to understand their meaning.

In Timaru, on checking into the hotel, I was asked whether I would prefer a bottle of ‘trum mulk’ or ‘ordinary’. I’ve found that when it doubt it’s always better to opt for the conservative choice so the ordinary option made our morning cup of tea whiter and more flavoursome.

For dinner, we found a very nice place in the restaurant area on the hill overlooking the beach. On our arrival we waited at the door to be shown to a table. The very nice young waitress asked me if I was a ‘walk-in’. I told her that she was correct because that was the way that I had arrived – I had just walked into the restaurant from where I had parked the car. That must have been the correct answer because she said that although we didn’t have a reservation, she had a table available where we could eat. It was a delicious meal.

Finally, on our arrival at the hotel at Mount Cook Village, the receptionist asked me whether I was finding the ‘elpine ear to be chully’. It was cool and wet outside, so I said that it was and she gave me very detailed instructions on how to operate the air conditioner in our room. Not only was our room
warm, it was very quiet as well!

Now it’s down to some serious photography