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Home From Broken Hill

It took us two days to drive the 900 kilometres home from Broken Hill. Before leaving, we had a last look across the centre of town to see some of its historic trains and mining displays and then we took the road south to Wentworth on the Murray River. All I can say about the […]


Just 27 kilometers from Broken Hill is the old mining town (now ghost town) of Silverton. Mining there pre-dated the mines at Broken Hill and was the sort of place where men had to be real men. Before we reached the town, we turned off to see the old Day Dream Mine. It was established […]

Broken Hill

We drove to Broken Hill today along the Barrier Highway that follows the route of the standard gauge railway line that starts in Sydney and goes to Perth via Port Augusta.  In the morning, we made a detour to the ghost town of Terowie, just 20 kms from Peterborough. My friend Max called me last night […]

Back to Peterborough

We were up early this morning aiming to have finished breakfast by 9.30 am when it was time to collet my car from the garage where the tyre was being replaced. I walked the 150 metres [past the pub with no bee)r and found that my car was all ready to go. It actually cost me less […]

Leaving Arkaroola

Today, I had some good news. I spent a good amount of time on the phone trying to sort out how to get a new tyre for my car. I was told by the kind people at Arkaroola that if they ordered one, it would not arrive for another four days. After lots of phone […]


Yesterday, we left Blinman and headed up the road to Arkaroola. Before leaving, we stopped at the historic cemetery at the edge of town. We found the graves of the well known family who had operated Angorichina Station over the decades and the American man who was the Captain of the Copper Mine there. We […]


It’s only about 75 kms from Wilpena to Blinman but there are plenty of things to do on the way. The town was founded by a one-legged shepherd named Robert Blinman who discovered copper here while looking after his sheep. in 1855, the town had a population of 1500 but today there are just 18 […]

Wilpena Pound

It was a very cold night last night. The temperature was forecast to get down to -1C and I don’t think it had any trouble doing so. I was awake at 3.30 am feeling cold so I turned on the heater in our cabin and turned up my electric blanket. In the morning, I discovered […]