We’re Visiting our Family in Perth

We arrived in Perth on a late night flight last Wednesday (April 3).  On the last occasion that we were here it was just after Covid and the airlines and travel businesses were in disarray with a severe shortage of people. It took around three hours for our baggage to arrive after that flight landed. Some flights arrived without baggage at all at that time.

For all of its poor publicity, I canot fault Qantas on this trip. Their service was back to its previous good standard and we had plenty of help in managing Jill’s reduced mobility. She was even able to ride her mobility scooter to the door of the plane and it was available again at the door shortly after we reached the terminal in Perth. We were a few minutes late as a couple of nuisance passengers were off-loaded before we left Melbourne. The only hassle I had on this trip was at the rental car pick up desk where all I had to do was grab the keys and go. The family in front of me, however, debated for twenty minutes whether or not to take out the extra insurance on the car they were renting. It was 11.00 pm (2 am Melbourne time) before we eventually drove away from the airport.

We spent most of the day on Thursday with David and the boys. They have certainly grown upwards since we last saw them. David and Yuki had to go to work yesterday (Friday) so we had the day to ourselves. We spent an hour doing a brief walk around the CBD checking out some of Perth’s interesting buildings.

Perth is a vibrant city with lots of  energy, commerce, and culture. It has a blend of modern architecture, historical landmarks, and recreational spaces. The Downtown area has a number of towering skyscrapers, a bustling commercial centre, and a strong retail scene. A few shops were vacant but most were open and busy. As we strolled through the streets, we found sleek glass facades of the modern office towers standing side by side with quite elegant colonial-era buildings. The contemporry architecture of those new buildings is in complete contrast to the many heritage buildings. 

Office buildings on William Street

His Majesty’s Theatre on Hay Street

Hay Street Mall – a walking street in Perth.

Perth Town Hall

In the middle of the city, we found Stirling Park – one of the oldest public gardens in Perth. Named after Sir James Stirling, the first Governor of Western Australia, Stirling Gardens was established in the early 19th century. Although this area of the country is very dry, the park still has well-maintained lawns, lush flowerbeds, and mature trees that create a sort of oasis in the city centre. It is a poplular spot for office workers, tourists, and locals to relax.

Jill on her buggy

There are several heritage related landmarks within the gardens. including the Supreme Court of Western Australia, which is one of the oldest and most important legal institutions in the state. The park also features a number of statues and memorials dedicated to prominent figures in Western Australian history. Abutting the park is the residence of ther Governor (Government House) which is currentluy decked out with a field of crochet poppies to commemorate the upcoming Anzac Day.

Perth Council adminsitration centre next to Stirling Park

Western Australia’s Supreme Court

We did an internet search for a winery in the Swan Valley to visit for lunch and I think we made a good choice. We spent a very pleaseant few hours on the veranda of the River Banks Winery at the southern end of this famous wine growing region. The winery was only about 40 minutes drive from the city. Their wines were tasty and the food (starting with oysters) was delicious.

After lunch, we drove a little further up the valley before returning via the town (probably now a northern Perth suburb) of Joondalup.

One thought on “We’re Visiting our Family in Perth”

  1. Loved your photos showing the contrasts in architecture side by side.
    Good to see that your late night you were still able to enjoy exploring some of the Perth CBD and then a winery for lunch. Well done!

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